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DIY Hand Scrub for Gardeners!

Make this DIY Hand Scrub especially for Gardeners who may forget to wear gloves :-) Its easy to make! Gets hands SO clean and leaves them super soft. #homesteader #DIYhandscrub #DIYscrub

This DIY Hand Scrub is formulated especially for gardeners! I know I can't be the only one who forgets their gardening gloves! Sometimes on purpose, once the soil warms up because I just really like the feel of warm soil in my hands.

But that makes my fingers look awful and sometimes does cause surface scratches on my skin that needs to be cared for so nothing gets infected!

What makes this DIY Hand Scrub special!

When I was in Esthetics school my favorite chapters in our textbooks were about ingredients and their effects on the skin. Natural plants and herbs have so many benefits, not just for our insides but for our largest organ, the skin. The skin has optimal abilities for absorbing what it comes in contact with. So being chemical free is important as well as needing products that really work!

I came up with this easy DIY Hand scrub with gardeners in mind several years ago. I actually sold it for a few years in my online shop! It did really well. 

Since I no longer sell scrubs I decided it was time to share it with my fellow gardeners and previous customers so they can make their own. 

The Ingredients and why they are important

The key ingredients are infused comfrey oil, tea tree, and lavender essential oils. 

Comfrey: The healing action of comfrey on wounds comes from a constituent contained in the leaf and root called allantoin. This compound is a cell proliferate which helps to regenerate wounded areas of the body and speed up new healthy cell growth! In most all of my skin care products over the years, I included comfrey because it works to support healing and beautifies! Allantoin is used in most skin care products but is typically lab synthesized. The real thigs works SO much better! I add a comfrey leaf infused oil and a tsp. of comfrey root powder for its help and support to heal minor skin scratches that can occur when gardening without gloves. I can not say enough about the positive effects of comfrey on the skin for these reasons and so much more. It's literally worked overnight for me in some situations! I believe in it so much I'm actually writing a whole book on it! Check this post if you do not know how to make an herbal oil infusion DIY Herbal for Horses whether you are making it for human or animal its the same thing 🐴 

Lavender Oil: Has wonderful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help with bug bites as well as minor wound healing support! Plus it smells amazing and helps mellow out the stronger fragrance of comfrey and tea tree oils.

Tea Tree Essential Oil: Helps with dry, itchy skin and skin irritations. It's anti-inflammatory and also helps support any minor wounds. 

The other Ingredients that make it work so well!

Those are the ingredients that help support any healing of bites or scratches from rocks out rough dirt that can occur for us that 'forget' our gloves occasionally!
But these are the ingredients that get your hands clean!! Even the tiny little crevices in the fingers!

Sugar: Just plain old cheap sugar! In fact, scrubs are the only reason I have sugar in my house at all! It is a natural, gentle abrasive that removes dead skin cells and dirt easily. It helps keep skin unclogged and clear! 

Olive Oil: Is what I use to infuse the comfrey. Its prevents signs of photo-aging and sun damage. The fatty acids absorb quickly into the skin making it a great moisturizer. 

Soap Sheds: I prefer adding soap shreds to this and really any scrub I make. Soap shreds add another level of clean! And also help reduce an oily feel that might be left behind on the skin. I highly recommend you use a natural handmade soap with extra moisturizing benefits like a goat milk soap or one of my Donkey Milk Soaps

Making a DIY Hand Scrub

Vegetable Glycerin: It's a natural humectant that locks in moisture! It's optional for this scrub but really adds to it if you have drier skin!


This recipe/formula is for 4 oz. of hand scrub. You will need a kitchen scale, a grater like you would use for cheese, small mixing bowl, spoon and a small jar with a lid to put the scrub in.

2.5 Oz. Sugar
1 Oz. of infused Comfrey olive oil
.25 oz. of soap shreds
10 drops of tea tree oil
10 drops of lavender oil

1 Tsp. Of vegetable glycerin
1 Tsp. Of comfrey root power.

Mix it all up and scoop into your jar! Easy peasy and ready to use! 

Making a DIY Hand Scrub

I hope it helps you like it's helped me!

This scrub has been so beneficial to me over the years. Keeping scratches from getting infected and keeping my hands so clean and soft you'd never know I garden without gloves, trim hooves, shovel manure, etc... It's really great for all-around farm work!

Another DIY Herbal to try is my Homemade Fly Repellent Salve
I actually developed this for my equine but it works great for people too! 

Other resources

Sourcing out good herbs and essential oils is important if you want your DIY Herbals to actually work. I highly recommend Mountain Rose Herbs
If you are a member of AHG you can get a 20% off discount as well as if you enroll in some herbal student programs. 
For essential oils, I really like Majestic Pure

More About The Comfrey Book and recipes!

Comfrey Benefits so many things! Livestock, the garden, healing support for the body and healthy skin! This ebook goes into details on how to use it, grow it and harvest it! Recipes included! #comfreybenefits #herbgarden #homesteadgarden

I mentioned above I am working on a book about Comfrey because it has been such an amazing herb for us on so many levels! The book will be about its many uses, growing, and harvesting as well as many formulas for healing support. It will also include a bonus booklet with recipes for a complete facial skin care routine!

When it's released I'll be doing a deeply discounted special on it!! So if you'd like to be notified sign up for our email list! 
We never share emails, nor do we hit people up every week with affiliate links! We are not affiliate bloggers. We are real full-time homesteaders and don't have time to full your email box. We do like sharing what we know to help others build their dream farm... just like we did! 

Rain Rot in Horses and other Livestock Free Herbal Recipe!

A DIY herbal recipes for preventing rain rot in horses, dogs and other livestock!

UGH! How I hate rain rot! My first year with my own horses I got a rude awakening with that crap. Since I like my horses to live outside naturally in a herd. I do have to take steps to prevent rain rot here in the southeast. Especially since my horses (and donkeys) LOVE standing in the rain!

The first year I tried several options at my local co-op and TSC. They were kind of pricey and didn't deliver the results I wanted for my horses. So I dove in and did some research, got some advice from one of my vets and came up with an excellent formula to help prevent and treat rain rot in horses.
If you are unfamiliar with what rain rot really is here is a good article from Practical Horseman
Rain Rot

With my previous know how using essential oils and herbs with equine and other livestock I decided to combine comfrey oil, frankincense and tea tree for my own solution. Here's why:

Key Ingredients For my Rain Rot Home Remedy Spray

Frankincense oil helps soothe skin that is irritated, itchy or damaged and is known to promote cellular health and immunity! It is perfectly safe for horses and people.
Tea Tree Oil is a broad spectrum antiseptic with high levels of biocidal activity against bacteria, fungi, and insects.
Comfrey oil is one of my all-time favorites for skin healing. Its an excellent source of vitamin B12 and allantoin! I make a comfrey oil infusion. Typically using olive or sunflower oil.

For a more informed look at Essential oils and herbs safe for horses, you can check out my Horse Training Journal which has essential oils and herbs for horses guide

Horse Training Journal with essential oil and herbs for horses guide! Plus DIY natural horse care recipes! #naturalhorsecare #farmhorses

Quick Note: How to make Herbal Infusions

If you don't know how It is super easy to make infusions. I typically make all my infusions on sunny days. I add I cup of dried herbs to a quart jar and 3 cups of the chosen oil. Let sit for a week in the sun and strain out. Its crazy good stuff. If it's not sunny or you need an infusion asap you can make it in a tiny crock pot. Let set on high for 4 hours or low overnight and strain. Ready to use!

The rest of the recipe

  • Most of us know the wonderful benefits ACV which is wonderful for Fungus, burns, wounds and skin infections! So it's a perfect element to add. 
  • Vegetable glycerin is soothing and reduces skin inflammation. 
  • Vitamin E is amazing for skin healing.

That's why I added these particular ingredients.
Now the recipe!

Rain Rot Horse Home Remedy Spray

1/2 cup ACV 1/4 Cup Comfrey Oil
2 Cups of Water
1 Tsp. Vitamin E oil
20 Drops of Frankincense OIl
20 Drops of Tea Tree Oil
1/2 Cup Vegetable Glycerin

Herbal recipe for rain rot in horses and dogs

Mix all ingredients in a jar and shake well. Pour into a spray bottle. Shake vigorously before applying to the affected area. This helps keep my horses free of nasty rain rot during rainy times.
I tend to use as a preventative on the horses I know love to stand in the rain more than others for an ounce of prevention!
 I've not had a problem with rain rot since I started using this formula.
I hope it helps your horses like it has mine!

**Rain rot can also occur in dogs, donkeys, and other livestock, especially for those of us living in a humid climate. This can be used on any livestock and dogs for various skin conditions. I've also used it on my donkeys for dry itchy skin irritations.
My horses also LOVE to get in the pond and creeks at the first sign of warmth! Also doesn't help but they sure do love it!
Rain rot in horses DIY herbal remedy! #horses #naturalhorsecare

Other Herbal recipes for natural horse care I make

Fly season is right around the corner! For another great natural FREE  DIY recipe for your horses or other livestock check out my Homemade Horse Fly Repellent

Don't forget If you'd like these recipes and more DIY herbal recipes for horses with a training journal, health record sheet, AND an essential oil and herbal horse guide you can get one here Equine Training Journal with many Bonus pages!

I worked hard on this journal and it has been such a help to me with managing my horses and donkeys I'm really excited about it as you can probably tell! 😃

Other Happenings on the farm!

Change of subjects!!! Spring is coming fast! I've got my early tomatoes up and now my snow peas and radishes are coming up too! Lots of other seeds are started and up in the greenhouse!

I've only got this small greenhouse that my husband bought me for Christmas the first year we moved to the farm. Its been a great germination starter for early seeds, I've used it do sun infuse herbal oils and plant dyes, I've used it as a dehydrator and even to dry freshly washed wool for spinning yarn! 
Just goes to show you don't have to spend a lot of money on a greenhouse to have a useful one! This one has stood up to the weather for 8 years now! This year was the first year we had to replace a few panels. We got it from Harbor Freight.
I feel its important to say I'm not an affiliate! This is just a really good little greenhouse for the money and I wanted to share this because it's worked well on our homestead!! With so many people recommending products they don't even own because they get a commission it's sometimes hard to know what is a real recommendation these days! But here it is at my back deck! Love this little greenhouse!

Perfect greenhouse for diverse small homestead! #homesteader #homesteadgarden

Though I do dream of high tunnels sometime... I've been able to grow all our veggies all year without one so far. Anyone out there ever built one of those cattle panel high tunnels? That's what I'd really like to add!!! It is on the 'garden project list' with so much other stuff!!! 🤣

I have lots of ideas pinned on my boards if you'd like to check them out here Homestead Pinterest Boards

I love a good DIY!
Hope you have a blessed week!

No Fail Basic Goat Milk Soap recipe

After over 4 yrs making & selling soap.... goat milk soap, lard soaps, tallow soaps,herbal soaps, vegan soaps, sheep milk soap...etc., I have alot of tried and true formulas for soaps!
But this formula/recipe right here started it all!
It makes a small 1 lb batch of soap.
Its my easy peasy go to and never fail goat milk soap recipe.

Basic Goat Milk Soap 

10 ounces Lard
4 ounces Coconut Oil 
2 ounces Olive Oil 

2.3 ounces lye 
3.08 ounces water
3 ounces Goat Milk

1 ounce fragrance/essential oil (optional)
color can also be used, I use natural colorants from herbals or minerals 

Basic Cold Process Directions: 

1. Wearing rubber gloves/ safety glasses and a surgical mask careful not to breathe in fumes. If weather allows I do this outside.
Measure your goat milk/water into one glass bowl.
Measure lye, Pour lye into the water/goat milk SLOWLY while stirring with a whisk (never pour water into lye) - this will heat up quickly, Set aside to cool
*To keep milk from burning and turning orange I use some ice cubes as part of my water measurement . Lower butterfat milk such as Alpine seems to blend better and not turn as bad.

2. In another pot , Melt oils together 

3. When oils are approximately 110 degrees Fahrenheit and lye water/milk is approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit, gently pour lye into oils (never pour oils into lye) Blend with stick blender... 
please have safety glasses and gloves on!!!

4. Mix until soap traces. 

5. Add essential/fragrance oil and color (optional)

6. Pour into prepared molds ..I use wood molds, they need to be lined with freezer paper.

7. Cover with plastic wrap. 

8. Allow to stand covered and out of drafts for 24 hours

9. Remove form molds, let air dry another 24 hours and cut as desired

10. Allow to age in open air for about 3 to 4 weeks before using 


Once you have it down now you can take this basic recipe and make it your own... different scents and colors to customize it.

Also, If you Do not want to use lard replacing it with palm oil works for this recipe too. It will not be as gentle of a soap, but it will still be nicer than anything you can buy at the store!

Happy soaping! If you have any questions just ask :-)

Homemade Horse Fly Repellent and healing salve

Homemade horse fly repellent and healing salve recipe! Very easy to make and works wonderfully even in the southeast! #farmhorse #homemadeflyrepellent #homesteader

It's important to me that I keep my horses and donkeys as well as other livestock and dogs as chemical free as possible!! 

I came up with this Homemade Horse fly repellent a few years ago when I started milking donkeys because I use the milk in my soaps and we drink it I had to come up with a way to repel flies naturally! 

I use the manure of my equine in my garden, which I prefer to keep organic! Chemicals soak into the skin and many are still present in the manure and urine 🙁
I also have to take into consideration our ponds because the chemicals can run off and kill fish and our honey bees which may be sensitive to the chemical sprays.

Compared to other dairy animals I've managed the donkey and the miniature horse is easier to keep chemical free. 
But when It's summer the equine in general draw flies which require sprays...that are full of chemicals! Ugh!
Honestly, the flies barely notice my traditional colored donkeys and dark colored miniature horses but they absolutely harass my light colored donkeys and my white horse! 

So I came up with a fly repellent salve that also has skin healing agents to soothe bites! It works SO well on their legs and ears!! 
My husband has also used it on some of his meishan pigs ears with great success! And our dogs!
I've used it on myself too when we go riding!

I have to apply it once or twice a week depending on it they get in the pond or it rains.
Works fantastic !!!! 
And if you'd like to try it, here's the formula :

Fly Repellent Salve 

8 oz. of comfrey infused olive oil
1 oz. beeswax
1 tsp. Cedar essential oil 

I melt the beeswax in the comfrey oil using a small crock pot.
Once melted remove from heat and add cedar oil.
Pour into tins or 4 oz. jelly jars work well. Thats it!

Having a fan in the barn also helps keep the bedding dry and not as attractive to the flies.

About Milking Donkeys and mares

Maybe you think I'm crazy Because I milk donkeys,, yes, you read that right, I milk them and I drink it!
It's light, sweet, refreshing. Unlike any other milk, I've tried.
Not only is it a really fantastic excuse to have lots of these awesome creatures on a subsistence farm like ours, 
It's a health food that's been used for centuries to nourish, heal and beautify. 
From this beast of burden comes such a wonderful gift...,
Here is a link if you're interested in more details about the nutrition of this white gold Donkey Milk

Donkeys and miniature horses fit in here better than any other dairy animal I tried. Though not trait bred here in the USA for dairy, I still refer to them as my dairy donkeys because that's what I will be trait breeding them for. Mare's milk is similar in nutrients and also really good for those with autoimmune and food sensitivities. They are also better at producing enough manure for my large gardens, better at keeping the land nice and much much less expensive to feed than the dairy goats and sheep I had. So they just work out all the way around here!

My equine have such an easy way about them and the good energy I love! They are a joy to work with.
I look forward to every day getting up to see them!! 
Keeping them organic is a little extra work but worth it since I'm depending on the milk as a healthy food source and the manure as nutrients for my organic garden. As well as an organic product for my customers!! 
You can try some donkey milk soap for yourself here Handworks Etsy Shop

A fun post about a few other uses for Donkeys Useful Donkeys and their Products

More Equine Information

If you are thinking about getting a donkey for your farm do check out my ebook on Amazon. Donkey Care Primer

For another DIY herbal check out my Rain Rot Remedy too Rain Rot Remedy for equine

Want even more DIY equine herbals? Wrapped up with a training journal, health record page, goal setting page, Essential oil and herbs for equine guides??! If the answer is yes you may want to check out my Equine Training Journal and Bonus Pages! Then you should check this out!

Looking for more equine ideas for your homestead? Check out our Pinterest boards! Homestead and Horse Boards