Herbal and Donkey Milk Soaps

Whether you're looking for a natural, beneficial soap or maybe just looking to try donkey milk soap out to see if it is something you may want to consider adding to your homestead soap business. It is amazing stuff! As a licensed Esthetician that has used and made many skin care products, I have to say its really special! 

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Testimonials for a few customers:

I feel like Cleopatra! 
"Excellent item. This is a highly moisturizing well-crafted soap. It is so rare to find a soap-maker who knows how to work with lard and donkeys milk" ~ Janine Renee

"Love this soap! Wonderful lather and really leaves my dry skin nice and moisturized. Love the scent ~ Rosemary 

"I really like all the soaps I've bought from Handworks. They make your skin feel great, they smell wonderful, and they're very pretty. I highly recommend them. They are my favorite soaps!" ~Katarina Bales

"This is my second (third?) purchase from Angelia and I love her products and the fact that she offers fragrance-free options for those of us who are chemically sensitive. I love that the donkey milk comes from her own very-well-cared-for donkeys, it’s not a powder she sourced elsewhere. In fact, I have some cool and unusual handspun yarn Angelia made with hair from one of her baby donkeys!" ~ HipKnitCHick

"Handworks! was more than generous in making an order right! Love the soaps and lotion. I will definitely be shopping again. Thanks Ang "~ Virgen

Donkey Milk Soap made by a Licensed Skin Care Therapist

Donkey Milk soap made by Licensed Skin Care therapist