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Hey there, fellow Homesteaders! I write my ebooks based 100% on personal experience! Not from polls from facebook or other unreliable sources!

If I'm writing about it, its because I've got experience with it! 


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Donkey Care Primer Ebook

Donkey Care Primer! The ebook you should read before you bring home a donkey! All the basic care and things you'll need! #donkeycare #donkeys

Are you considering a donkey for your farm? Maybe as a guardian or maybe for something more but have no experience with donkeys? 
This is the basic guide for what you need to know and consider before bringing donkeys onto your farm. 
They are wonderful animals that have worked exceptionally well on our homestead filling many roles! But, not all farms are the same! This ebook is meant to help give you plenty of insight into what donkeys need, how much they cost us per year and how they think. 
8 Chapter ebook with a Bonus! Donkey Buying Checklist!
Just $2.99
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COMFREY: The Most Important Plant in my Garden

Comfrey is the most used plant in my her garden! In this book I tell you have to grow, propagate and harvest comfrey! I explain its uses and give you recipes to create for your own use! I also go over what livestock I've fed it too and how to fertilize your garden with it! Easy to follow and understand! #comfrey #growingcomfrey

Everything you need to know about growing, harvesting and using Comfrey! Which livestock I have fed comfrey to with good result. Recipes to create your own herbal support ointments, salves and more! How to feed your other garden plants with a comfrey fertilizer! 
This plant has been so helpful to us on our homestead! 
From raising goslings to easing sore muscles Comfrey is easily the most used plant in my garden and one of the easiest I've ever grown!
All these recipes and information for Just $8.99
Available on Amazon Comfrey Book

COMFREY: For Natural Healthy Skin

This is a DIY Beauty book on creating your own complete facial skin care line of products for yourself or for resale! Simple and easy to follow! Wrote by a Licensed Esthetician. Resource list of where to buy supplies also included! #naturalskincare

This ebook is for anyone interested in using Comfrey to create a natural complete line of facial skin care products! I'm a Licensed Esthetician with a certificate in natural skin care. I've had my own natural skin care line of handmade products since 2011. It's been an amazing side homestead business!
These easy recipes give you a complete line of skin care to use for yourself or for your own home beauty business! No matter if you are growing your own comfrey or buying dried comfrey from an herb store these recipes are fantastic for beautifying the skin! I list my favorite resource for buying supplies!
This book is just $1.99 or FREE if you have kindle unlimited!

The Ultimate Equine Training Journal with many bonuses!

Horse training journal

I created this journal notebook because I needed to get organized with my goals and training my equine! I've added a health record page, an essential oil, and herbs for horses guide along with some great DIY herbal grooming recipes that are healthy for my horses and save me money!
This can be used for horses, donkeys or mules.
You can buy a copy of the journal and print as many extra pages as you need.
Just $5.99
It's available on Etsy.  Horse Training Journal