3 EASY Unusual Fruits to Grow!

3 EASY Unusual fruits your can grow on your homestead quickly! #gardener #homesteadgarden #homesteader

My garden has certainly has had its fair share of uncommon vegetable experiments over the last 9 years.
I have my staple crops down and the varieties we like that get planted every year. Tried and true performers of green beans, sweet potatoes, okra, winter squash, cucumbers, corn, southern peas... finally just this year I've narrowed down the best varieties of tomatoes for our zone/climate. I do like taking a little space to devote to a new vegetable or fruit every year. You can check out my experimental Snow Pea Variety Trials here Growing Snow Peas!
When you plant from seed a whole big world gets opened up to you and all these varieties call to you! 
Figuring out the best fruits and vegetables for homestead is as hard as figuring out which livestock works best! But once you have it figured out it's so incredibly nice!

Fast Fruits!

These 3 fruits are super easy to grow and give you fruit soon! I know when we first moved here I wanted my own fruits ASAP! Most fruits take so long to establish though. These fruits helped curb my usual impatience!

Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato

I know many people call a tomato a vegetable but technically it is a fruit so I've added it here. This particular variety is sweet!!!!! They are delicious to eat alone, on salads and make an absolutely amazing sweet tomato jam that's perfect for sweet potato fries or any fries! Really nice sweet/savory combo.
They also dehydrate quickly!

There are 2 other things special about this variety.
  • They seem almost immune to mold and fungus diseases that bring down tomatoes in the humid southeast!!! 
  • The reseed easily every single year! 
Huge bonus from the garden that took no input from me to grow. I like that!

I got my seeds here. Matts Wild Cherry Tomato

Ground Cherries

Ground cherries(AKA Husk Cherries) have been an amazing addition to our garden!  Wow! are they good!!! At first bite, I wondered why they aren't offered commercially. They keep incredibly well and why doesn't everyone who gardens grow them!!
Midseason I can see why... they are huge sprawling plants that can be a pain to harvest!!!! But..wow! they are good and very worth the effort !!!! They are extremely productive Plus they fill a very big void for us. They take the place of raisins!
We grow muscadines, a type of grape but they can't be made into raisins. We love having a dried fruit in the winter to sprinkle on cobblers or hot cereals.
Ground cherries are actually better than raisins to us! They dry beautifully. I think I have a plan on how to plant them for an easier harvest... we'll see next year if that works!

They are delicious raw too! Great in desserts. Ground Cherry cobbler, ground cherry preserves, ground cherry ice cream. They can be used anywhere you would use any other berry.

Growing Ground cherries is basically the same as tomatoes. Here's a link for more information on growing Growing Ground Cherries

These also reseed themselves easily if you allow them too.
I've grown both these varieties. Both productive and very good. I like the Cossack maybe a little bit better.
Aunt Molly's Ground Cherries
Cossack Pineapple Ground Cherries

ground cherries
Dehydrated Ground cherries on the homestead!
If you decide to start these seeds do Check out my Free Seed Starting Workbook! No matter if you start seeds inside or out keeping records will help in your gardening success! 


Elderberries are a fruit that is also used medically. I ordered elderberries from Stark Bros and actually got a tiny harvest the first year! 
Year 2 was very nice and productive. I was able to make my own syrups, tinctures, wine, freeze and dehydrate many quart bags! I used them in muffins and pancakes too.
By year 3 there were so many Elderberries from those 4 little scrubs I think the birds even got tired of eating them!
Later I found wild elderberry scrubs on my farm so I'm overrun with them every year now. Its a good thing to be overrun with!
Can't recommend them enough for a homestead. Many uses for these awesome little berries. 

One word about elderberry scrub though... Invasive! Plant them where they can't take over other trees or plants. I dig up many little new elderberry trees every year and sell the extras. They are also easy to propagate from cuttings. 

Hope you try one or all of these Fast, Easy Unusual Fruits!

It was so nice to have these fruits on our homestead those years before the grapes and pears started producing. They filled our fruit void and helped us stay out of the grocery store! They continue to be a well-used staple on our farm now. Very little input for high output fruit! Who doesn't like that!

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Have a blessed day :-) and Happy Homesteading!
Psalm 35:1

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