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Free Starting seeds workbook!! Makes it easy to track seeds so you can have a successful garden! Bonus seed starting and homemade fertilizers included!! #startingseeds #mastergardener #homesteader

I know starting seeds for the garden can be overwhelming! Despite gardening for many years now and doing it for all four seasons, the spring plantings can still put me in overwhelm mode sometimes!
What's even more confusing is not keeping up with what I've started! When I have good notes on starting my seeds and how they did it has made spring a much less dramatic time on our homestead! It also makes my gardening success more and the failures less!

So this year because 2019 is my 'organize everything' year! I decided to make a simple starting seeds workbook addition to my usual garden journal. Since starting seeds is so critical to how I like to garden it made sense. Making it more workbook style instead of journal style gives it a bit more organization.

Something that lets me just concentrate on what I need to get the year started and keeping up with those seeds I started. No matter if started indoors or outdoors! Keeping track of what, when and then following up with how it did makes all the difference in my future gardening successes. When you depend on the garden to keep you out of the grocery store like we do its important to take the extra time to write it all down!

How to start seeds

For those of you who are beginner homesteaders/gardeners, this workbook won't tell you how to start seeds. It just helps you keep track of what you need and what you started and when. Plus some bonuses!!

To start seeds Johnny's has this very detailed article to help you Starting Seeds
Here is another great guide from Bakers Creek Planting Guide
Grow a good life also has a good guide on the Easy Vegetables to sow outside

Starting Seeds Workbook!

What's in the Starting Seeds Workbook?

I designed this to be simple, but pretty! You'll get a very pretty cover page, a supplies checklist, a what you planted and when page, a notes page and a follow up what did well page (so you know what to plant again!) 
Then! You'll also get my favorite seeds starting recipe helpers for my favorite seed starting mix and 2 homemade fertilizers! Saves me so much money when I make these myself! And they work just as good or better than anything I've ever bought.

You can print what you want and as many as you need!

Also, check out my free Gardeners Hand Scrub recipe for those days you forget your gardening gloves!
DIY Hand Scrub

Why Start your own seeds in the Homestead Garden?

The homestead garden is the ultimate key to saving money on your homestead and eating healthy. Doesn't get any healthier than fresh veggies or veggies you preserved yourself. You don't have to be a master gardener to get a great garden. Starting seeds will save you so much money as opposed to buying plants. Buying open-pollinated seeds and then learning to save those seeds is really saving big! Seeds seem to get more expensive every year and fewer seeds in the package too! Starting and saving seeds is getting closer to being more self-reliant and closing the loop to need an outside source for your food! Its a really good feeling! 

You also never know when a seed company may stop carrying a variety you love! This has happened to me! I could still kick myself for not saving seeds to that most wonderful perfect Okra I had ever grown! I assumed the seed company would always have it. They didn't 😒

So if anyone out there knows where I can get some Milsap White okra seeds PLEASE let me know!!! MY Email!

Keeping records and Finding the Best Varieties 

Snow Peas are one of my favorite veggies to glow. I experimented for a couple of years with several varieties. Thanks to my notes on when, where and follow-ups I know exactly which snow pea works best for my garden and needs! You can read about that here Snow Pea Trials

Finding the best varieties for your particular climate, soil, and needs is also key to more self-reliance!

For help on what to plant month by month in zone 7, you can check out these posts.. new one every month! Garden Checklist

Get gardening success with this free starting seeds workbook!!! #mastergardener

The FREE Starting Seeds Workbook 

I hope this Seed starting workbook helps you on your journey to a great garden this year and every year!
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Either way, I want this workbook to help give you more insight into your garden needs just like it has me!

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