Garden Maintenance Checklist: January!

Garden Maintenance checklist for January and what to plant now for the southeast gardener!

**ALL photos you see are from my actual Homestead. I do not need to use purchased stock photos. What you see on my blog is REAL! 

Last month I was a bit late posting my Garden Maintenace Checklist so this month I wanted to get right down to business and post my Garden Maintenace Checklist for January!

I mean, January is SO exciting!! The seed catalogs are rolling in, the holidays are over so now so garden planning can truly take priority, and indoor seed sprouting for spring vegetables (for me in the southeast) begins at the end of this month!!!

I can hardly contain myself!!!🎕

This year I've got plans though not as grand as previous years perhaps. But plans to try more vertical gardening and more medicinal and tea herbs. I've got a major re-do on one of my front garden beds too.

Planning a garden can be as big or little of a project as you want. But no plan can be a hot mess! I have several Pinterest boards just for garden ideas and planning. You can check them out here Homestead and Horses Boards Don't forget to follow me if you're a planner because I post actively on them!

Here's my Garden Maintenance Checklist for January. Do keep in mind I am in the southeast zone 7 so your checklist might need to be a little different.

Checklist for January 

  1. Order SEEDS! Whatever seeds you need now is the time!
  2. Review last years winners and losers notes (I hope you kept notes!) Make notes about what needs to be planted this year! and what doesn't! Here is one of my posts on This year's Winners and Losers in the Garden
  3. Finish up any pruning fruit trees or vines
  4. Start making seed starting and planting schedules.
  5. Inside you can go ahead and start Onions, hot peppers, artichokes, and rhubarb if you plant these items. I also start cold hardy spinach and greens this month that I will plant in a 'hot' bed with a low tunnel next month.
  6. Outside prepare beds for greens, spinach, and peas. If I don't plant my snow peas in February I won't get a good crop! Which is totally unacceptable 🤣🤣 Check out this previous post I did on my snow peas trials Snow Pea Trials
  7. Get your garden journal or planner ready. Don't have one? Check out this Pinterest board for some ideas Garden Journals
That's it for this month! But its enough isn't it? 

Garden maintenance checklist for January

Now, if the weather will cooperate with my plans. That's the issue with gardening, the weather doesn't always get the memo that I need to get stuff done!

Ever an adventure but it's always an exciting one on a homestead! 

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