Garden Maintenance Checklist: December!

Plan your best garden ever in December

**ALL photos you see are from my actual Homestead. I do not need to use purchased stock photos. What you see on my blog is REAL! 

Most people are planning holiday dinner parties this time of year... well not me honey! I'm in full on garden mode and ready to get this month's Garden Maintenance checklist for December all done!

Life changes when you start a homestead And life is adjusted in major ways for the Four season gardener. Seasons are certainly not about what holiday is coming up. Oh no, for the avid gardener, homesteader or kitchen gardener, we want to know; what do I prepare, what do I plant and what can I harvest!!??

Its all about the garden!💗

Maintaining a four season garden is a huge (fun!) undertaking and organization is key to success. But even if you don't garden all four seasons most of us what a spring and summer garden. Which means truly successful spring gardens are typically planned right now!
Especially for us in the southeast who want a snow pea crop! And I'm talking SNOW PEAS is what I want! Which means my actual planting in the ground starts in Feb. or I won't get a big crop.
Plan you best garden in December Checklist

As someone for many many years grew ALL my families veggies I have a checklist for every month and I've decided to share it with you guys!

Its truly exciting isn't it!! Preparing and planning the spring garden!

Here's my Garden Maintenance Checklist: December
  1. Evaluate seed collection and make notes about what you need to order next month. Clear out and throw away any seeds that aren't viable anymore. Check  Seed Viability Guide PDF for info.
  2. Get out the garden journal from last year and make notes about things you need to have ready this year. Such as homemade organic pest sprays, frost blankets, veggies that did well to re-order.
  3. Service the rototiller if you use one so you don't get caught in the spring rush
  4. Spread ashes and compost over gardens. 
  5. If you do no-till gardens like most of mine (but not all) apply a thick layer of compost and thick layer leaf mulch. This has not only enriched my soil but also keeps weeds in check for gardens that aren't planted until late April or May. 
  6. Get seed starting equipment ready and order what you need.
  7. Prune grapevines or in my case muscadine vines :-)
  8. I like start planning my layout during this month, planting light takers where heavy takers were in the previous year and planting heavy takers were givers were planted. Here is a free PDF printable of the takers and givers to help you plan. GARDENING GIVERS AND TAKERS GUIDE
  9. I also like to walk the property with my husband and show him/make lists of what needs has to be done before planting, like repair the greenhouse, bring compost up from the barn, etc...
I keep a planner of 'garden projects' to do and like to go over them and see if there's anything I can fit in. Such as trying a spiral herb garden or building a new potting bench area.

Its crazy fun to plan a garden if you are prepared and organized so you don't get overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed is never fun.

I hope my checklist helps you plan your best garden ever!! 

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